In a rare occasion, the Madras High Court on Thursday witnessed a husband and a wife taking oath together as judges. 

The Supreme Court collegium cleared the names of 10 judicial officers to be elevated as judges of the Madras High Court but what made the news sweeter for the legal fraternity in the State is that two among the 10 officers are a married couple.

Madras High Court
Wikimedia Commons/Milei.vencel

Justice Murali Shankar Kuppuraju and Justice Thamilselvi T. Valayapalayam, who took oath as High Court judges along with eight others, are a married couple. 

Advocate General Vijay Narayan, giving a welcome address to the newly sworn-in judges, said that it is the first time that a husband and wife couple have been sworn in as judges on the same day in the Madras High Court.