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Malayalam movie "Fireman" that stars Mammootty and Nyla Usha is receiving some overwhelming response in theatres. The movie which is directed by Deepu Karunakaran is much appreciated for being a highly engaging thriller.

The director, who has also penned the script, is acknowledged for the compact, high-paced storyline. The lead actors of the movie including Unni Mukundan, Siddique, Salim Kumar and Hareesh Peradi have also won appreciation for their performances.

The story of "Fireman" revolves around a LPG gas tanker accident after which forms threat of disastrous gas leak in the area. Mammootty plays Vijay, the fireman, who leads the team to control the situation and Unni Mukundan plays Shahjahan, his assistant. The film then talks about the hurdles, which the team faces to accomplish the mission.

"Fireman" is produced by Milan Jaleel and distributed by Ullattil Visual Media.

Read the reviews of "Fireman" by various critics below:


A day in the life of a fireman or a peek into a particularly dangerous mission of a fireman. That is what Deepu Karunakaran attempts with his latest offering 'Fireman'. It is a tough effort to pull off given the fact that the film is shorn of the usual ingredients that you would associate with a normal thriller or an entertainer. But there lies the difference and that's what makes 'Fireman' different. It is by no stretch of imagination a run of the mill effort. The compactness of the script and lack off too many digressions make 'Fireman' worth a watch.


Mammootty is the backbone of this film with his power packed performance as Fireman Vijay. His dialogue delivery and screen presence was superb to say the least. Other actors like Unni mukundan, Nyla Usha, Siddique, Salim Kumar, Hareesh Peradi etc had done their part without much problems and as the film is only below 2 hours of length, it had not lagged at all. The Background scoring by Rahul Raj could have been better and he has done an OK job. The film is intended to be a tribute to all the firemen and specially to the Kerala fire force for their Commitment, dedication to their duty and the courage they shows during the crisis.


Deepu Karunakaran; the one who scripted and directed the film, has done a great job; with an elegant script with a good concept movie.The cinematography by Sunoj Velayudhan was excellent and is perfectly edited by V Saajan; providing some good shots. The film is well supported by the BGM score by Rahul Raj.In short, Fireman stands as an excellent film with some breath taking thrilling experience and a good climax; making it worth to watch.