Kapil Sharma in Firangi
Kapil Sharma in FirangiTwitter

Rating – 2.5

Cast – Kapil Sharma, Ishita Dutta, Monica Gill

Director – Rajiv Dhingra

Genre – Comedy Drama 


Set in the pre-independence era, this is a story of Manga (Kapil Sharma), a happy-go-lucky young man from the village Bahrampur, whose only aim is to join the police force.

He has a 'shafa' (God's gift) which is – he can fix backaches with his kicks! Yes, a hilarious subject line which could have been explored well, but the director failed in just that.

With no job in hand, Manga eventually gets hired by a 'Firangi' officer Mark Daniel (Edward Sonnenblick) as his care taker only for young villager's 'blessing' to fix backaches.

Then comes 'pyaar wala angle'. Manga falls in love with Sargi (Ishita Dutta) and there comes all the problems. Can any love story go without issues? In a plot between Mark Daniel and Maharaja Inderveer Singh (Kumud Mishra), they betray the villagers. Manga is an innocent man who gets misunderstood as going against fellow villagers and supporting British and has to fight for the truth.


Kapil Sharma's character was of an innocent guy -- something new but he did a good job emoting happiness, romance, anger, pity and fear. Yes, you are an actor, we believe you. But where was the comedy sir?

Kapil's lady love played by Ishita Dutta, a shy, next-door girl – impressed us with her performance as Sargi. Whatever time on the screen, she was beautiful.

Monica Gill who plays Rajkumari was a pretty face to look at but why the overacting? It looked fake in a few scenes. Her father played by Kumud Mishra was the USP of the film – splendid performance as an antagonist.


The supporting cast -- Edward Sonnenblick, Rajesh Sharma, Inaamulhaq, Aanjjan Srivastav, Jameel Khan and Vishal O Sharma – were marvellous. Every frame they were in, they did their best. I believe, the supporting cast left a rather impactful impression.

Music has been blended well and it will leave you humming them. Daler Mehendi's 'Oye Firangi' was the best of the lot and 'Sahiba' a soothing one.

Shot in Punjab, the locations are projected very well.


It is slow paced and will leave you yawning at times. The love story is just cute and there's nothing more to it. With a predictable story line and climax, the story had the potential to achieve more. And the most important thing – where was the comedy? Looks like it's best if Kapil Sharma sticks to that genre.


Done and dusted theme -- when there are disputes in life, love overcomes all challenges and truth prevails — one time watch or let's say, you are not missing anything great this Friday!