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Thiruvananthapuram Police have filed an FIR against Amala Paul for allegedly forging documents to evade tax while buying an expensive car in Puducherry.

A report on Indiaglitz says that the police the FIR was filed after the actress allegedly produced fake documents to evade 20 percent tax when she bought her Mercedes-Benz S Class in Puducherry in August. The cops had asked the Thalaivaa actress to appear before them for enquiry, but as she failed to turn up, they have gone ahead and filed the FIR.

The car was purchased with a fake document that claimed her to be residing in a rented room in a building in Puducherry. It came to the cops' notice when they found out that multiple people have produced the same address for registering their car.

It has to be noted that an FIR has also been filed against Fahadh Faasil for a similar act. 

Why buy cars in Puducherry?

Many people prefer to buy cars in Puducherry as there is a huge difference in the one-time road tax in Puducherry when compared to other states.

Buyers have to shell out 20 percent motor vehicle tax for luxury cars above Rs 20 lakh in Kerala. Therefore, prospective buyers create fake documents to register their vehicles in Puducherry, which has the lowest taxes among the Union Territories.

Meanwhile, Amala Paul is on a holiday in Ladakh. "I am an Indian citizen and assumed that I have every right to work and own any asset throughout our nation freely. I have worked in Tamil Cinema as much as I have worked in Malayalam cinema, so help me rationalise my assets in both the states by respective distributions of my paycheques. And should I have to ask their consent to work in Telugu Cinema or if I wish to own an asset in Bangalore? Last time I checked Bangalore's currency is also the same i.e. Indian Rupees 'INR' [sic]," the actress had responded to the allegations recently.