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Reindeer with glowing antlers can now be spotted in northern Finland, courtesy of a reflective spray used to make them more visible to passersby, in an attempt to curb car accidents involving the animals.

"We are hoping that it is so useful that we can use the spray in the entire region and on all reindeer, from young to old," said Anne Ollila, head of Finland's Reindeer Herders' Association, in a statement. [To see a photo of reindeer with glowing antlers, click here]

The test started last week with 20 reindeer having sprayed in the Rovaniemi district, the capital of the Lapland region.

Two types of glow-in-dark spays have been tested on the reindeer antlers by the association, to make them more visible to drivers at night.

The two different types of reflective liquid sprays used were: a permanent spray for the antlers, and a spray that can be washed away for the fur.

Every year, reindeer face around 3,000 to 5,000 accidents - according to Ollila - which she considers are "much deadlier for the reindeer than for the drivers."

The association is hoping to spray more reindeers in the coming autumn, if the test shows positive results.

Most accidents occur in Lapland, which is one of Europe's most densely populated regions, attracting thousands of tourists, especially during Christmas season.

Reindeer breeders in Finland hope that the new method will prevent thousands of reindeer from being involved in road accidents.