Finland crash
Passenger train near the railroad crossing is pictured after a crash in Raasepori, Southern Finland, October 26, 2017.Reuters

At least four people have been killed in a train collision in Finland on Thursday. Reports state that a train collided with a truck which was carrying soldiers. 

According to reports, eight people have been severely injured in the incident which occurred 50 miles south of capital Helsinki.

Police said that an off-road troop-carrier was struck by the train at a level crossing near the southern town of Raseborg.

Reports state that three soldiers and a passenger on the train have been declared dead so far.

"Today I have received a heartbreaking message: three conscripts have died in an accident," General Jarmo Lindberg said in a statement.

Finland's defence minister said the day "had started with grim news" and added: "I feel grief."

"A passenger train from Karis to Hanko collided with a vehicle at the level crossing. There were several people injured," The spokesperson for Finnish rail, Reima Roisko, said.

Finland train crash
Rescue and military personnel are seen at the railroad crossing after a crash between a train and a military truck in Raasepori, Southern Finland, October 26, 2017Reuters

Reports state that a total of 11 people were invoved in the crash.

Finnish news agency FNB said the injured were taken to hospitals in both Helsinki and Raseborg.