Logo TV's latest dating reality show "Finding Prince Charming," which has been dubbed as the gay version of "The Bachelor," premiered on Thursday with an immaculately dressed Robert Sepulveda Jr trying to find his true love among the 13 contestants who had expressed an interest to date him.

Robert's introduction package focused on featuring his physique as it had a number of shots where he was shirtless, and, according to some viewers, that was the only interesting thing about him. His lack of enthusiasm has many wondering if he really wants to find love on reality television.

"Really looked forward to this but Robert was so….flat, boring & completely lacked any charisma," noted one viewers in the comments section of an online portal. "Suitors should be charming! Aside from his looks WTH were they thinking?"

"Losers, the whole lot of 'em. How about a gay dating show with a LITTLE class," added another.

However, the star of the show seems to be oblivious to the fact that he has failed to create a positive impression. Taking to Twitter, he thanked his fans for making the show a success.
I'm so happy everyone loved #FindingPrinceCharming ! A lot of people worked very hard to make it happen! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thx you!" he wrote.

Before the show aired, Robert also tookma dig at ABC's "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette," claiming that they weren't realistic. "The premise of our show is not to propose, or to get married at the end. The Bachelor/The Bachelorette are really unrealistic with that. This is a more realistic show. I got to spend time with these 13 guys and make really deep connections with them," he told HollywoodLife.

The next episode of "Finding Prince Charming" will be aired on Sept. 15, The synopsis reads: "Robert and the suitors set out for a day at the beach; and two of the men are chosen for solo dates with Robert. In other events, a suitor is accused of inappropriate behavior."