Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

The royal couple Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are making headlines for the excerpts of the biography titled Finding Freedom. The biography by royal reporters Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie describes the relationship between Harry and Meghan and the rest of the royal family. It also gives a unique insight into what made the couple to step down from royal duties.

Neither Harry nor Meghan have contributed to the book; it is based on the authors' own experiences from members of the royal press and incorporates quotes from sources close to the couple.

Extracts from the biography are serialised in 'The Times and 'The Sunday Times' ahead of its publication in August.

 From the rumoured rift between Meghan and the Duchess of Cambridge to how the Duke of Cambridge allegedly told Harry not to rush things with Meghan, here's everything that is reported in media so far about the biography 'Finding Freedom'.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Sussex Royal Instagram

Prince Harry knew Meghan Markle was "The One"

Omg! The Duke of Sussex told his future wife that he loved her three months into their relationship, the co-authors of Finding Freedom have claimed in their new book. According to a friend of Meghan, Prince Harry was the first to profess his love, with the former Suits actor "immediately" replying "I love you, too".

"Three months into their relationship, a Meghan friend said [sic], they had already begun swapping the words 'I love you'.

Meghan reportedly left "clues" on social media hinting at her relationship with Prince Harry, including a photograph on Instagram of a Love Hearts sweet inscribed with the words "Kiss Me" alongside the caption "Lovehearts in London" on the night she and Prince Harry went on a date.

Meghan Markle

 Meghan followed Harry's Instagram account!

The authors claim that the Duke of Sussex had a very exclusive Instagram account with a Deadmau5-themed handle and that he followed just four people.

In the book, Scobie and Durand claim that shortly after their first date at Soho's Dean Street Townhouse, Meghan began following the account @SpikeyMau5.

The private account is still active on Instagram but no longer has any followers and is following just two accounts, neither of which are visible to the public.

Meghan gave up her entire life for the royal family.

As per the reports in Independent, the book states that Meghan told a friend in March that she had given up her "entire life" for the royal family and was hurt by reports that leaving the royal family was purely her idea.

"As Meghan tearfully told a friend in March: 'I gave up my entire life for this family. I was willing to do whatever it takes. But here we are. It's very sad,'" the book states.

Why Harry and Meghan took a 'back seat' in the royal family

"While they both respected the hierarchy of the institution, it was difficult when they wanted to focus on a project and were told that a more senior ranking family member, be it, Prince William or Prince Charles, had an initiative or tour being announced at the same time – so they would just have to wait", claims the book.

The aftermath of the exposed excerpts in the media:

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Why cant the Royal couple never resume official roles?

Right after these experts on various leading tabloids in the UK, there were reports that Harry and Meghan will never resume official roles following the 'bombshell biography'.

 A royal household source told the Daily Mail: 'That the door will always be open to them as much-loved members of the family. But it's hard to see how they can now salvage the new role they wanted as 'hybrid' royals, running commercial careers alongside royal duties from the US.'

Another source told the Mail: 'The review period is not yet discussed, but it doesn't seem if there is any way of going back now. Some very private family matters have now aired in public, seemingly with their blessing. That will be hurtful.'