A ray of hope of finally finding the missing flight MH370 went bleak again after the investigating agencies found that neither the life raft nor the oil slick are from the ill-fated plane.

The Malaysian Airlines have already stated that they are fearing the worst, and in all probability the Boeing 777 may have crashed.

The first clue that could have given the search parties some idea on the location of the aircraft was the oil slick found near the South China Sea, about 100 nautical miles from the Tok Bali Beach, in Kelantan.

Reports, however, have confirmed that the result of the oil that was sent for analysis was negative. Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) Eastern Region chief First Admiral Datuk Nasir Adam told Today Online that the samples do not belong to MH370, and is in fact from a ship.

Similarly, the Malaysian government on Monday had send ships to investigate a sighting of what could be a life raft, in its effort to trace the aircraft that was carrying 239 people.

However, reports now indicate that the object had been identified as a moss-covered cap of a cable reel and could not be from the Boeing 777.

Multiple reports have speculated that the aircraft, which was carrying people from 14 nationalities, may have fallen victim to a hijacking attempt, with investigators looking into how stolen passports - one Italian, one Austrian - were used to board the plane by two passengers.

Even as eight nations have joined the search for the locating the missing plane, no debris or wreckage has been found so far. This has only confirmed the fears that the Boeing jet may have disintegrated at an altitude of over 30,000ft.