Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman announced his retirement as Wolverine with the third installment of the superhero movie.Instagram/Hugh Jackman

Australian actor Hugh Jackman is known for his role as Wolverine on "The X-Men" film series, but his recent announcement to retire has left the question open on who would replace him. 

While the actor feels that this is the "perfect way to go out" after portraying the role for 17 years, his fans believe that no one can replace him. 

Immediately after the 46-year-old revealed on "The Dr. Oz Show" that "Wolverine 3" will mark his last big screen appearance as a clawed mutant and he never thought in a million years that he would stay for so long, his admirers started sharing their disappointment.

The messages ranged from, "I was surprised when you does not do Wolverine role", "well if even though you're not playing wolverine anymore in the hearts of your fans you will always be our only wolverine," "Say it isn't so, you are an amazing Wolverine and I know the talented individual you are needs to go on and create new characters, but Wolverine won't ever be the same without you behind the claws," to "I can't stop seeing u as Wolverine".

In March, Jackman had hinted on 'hanging up his claws' by posting a picture of it on Instagram with the caption, "Wolverine last time". But many were hoping that he will continue to play the role.

However, since he has already informed about his departure, many names are popping up on who would replace him. The speculation includes Charlie Hunnam, Joe Mangoniello and Scott Eastwood. "Wolverine 3" is scheduled to hit big screens on 3 March, 2017.

Who can replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine?

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