Billie Lourd

The absence of Billie Lourd during the public memorial service of her late mother Carrie Fisher and grandmother Debbie Reynolds might have surprised many people, and uncle Todd Fisher has a reason for it.

The 59-year-old entertainer stated that he understands why his niece skipped the event, which was held at Forest Lawn cemetery in Los Angeles on Saturday, March 25. According to him, she really feels the loss of her loved ones and needs to step back from it.

"There's a vacuum in the room and she's feeling it... we're all feeling it. I'm letting [Billie] breathe, you know? She needs to breathe. She needs to step back from all of this loss," Todd said while interacting with a representative of Entertainment Tonight.

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On the day of the memorial service for Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, Billie Lourd was reportedly enjoying a day date with her boyfriend and Twilight star Taylor Lautner.

The celebrity couple shared a few photos of themselves in a poppy field with their Instagram followers on Monday, March 27.

A selfie uploaded by the Scream Queens star on the photo sharing platform featured her cuddling with the 25-year-old actor and martial artist. The image was accompanied by the caption: "PoppyLockNdropit."

???#itspoppyingoff in tha #selfields

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Taylor Lautner also posted a similar picture on his social media page and it was paired with the words: "#itspoppyingoff in tha #selfields." Another photo shared by him showed him lying on the poppy field and the title of it read: "Bright orange jacket. Field of orange poppies. Coincidence? You'll never know."

Billie Lourd also shared a portrait of herself on Instagram and she paired it with the words, "I went to the poppy reserve and all I got was this bizarre pic of me in a kimono making a mildly awkward face surrounded by 4ish dying poppies."

The social media posts garnered over 400,000 likes and many of the complimented the two. While a netizen named Ken commented, "U guys are perfect together!!!!" another social media user, monikered as d.poleac, wrote, "Perfect couple."

There were also a few Instagram users, such as Nikki, who were surprised to know that Carrie Fisher's daughter is dating Taylor Lautner, as he wrote, "Omh nah they're actually dating in real life ??"


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