Sunny Leone, Shah Rukh Khan
Pictured: Sunny Leone, Shah Rukh KhanVarinder Chawla

Sunny Leone has thanked Shah Rukh Khan a million times on the sets of "Raees." But she felt like a "nervous wreck" on the first day of shooting.

In a detailed interview with the DNA, the actress shared her experience working with and meeting the superstar. The offer to star in a special number, in which she will be seen wooing SRK, was made to her husband Daniel Weber by Excel Entertainment, one of the companies producing "Raees."

The couple was thrilled and shocked at the same time. She thought the makers had dialled a wrong number and was in complete disbelief. "I didn't actually believe it until I was halfway through my rehearsals. I was like, 'They can't change it now' (Smiles). They had taught me all the steps and we were doing costume fittings. So it was definitely happening," the daily quoted her as saying.

The anxiety went up a notch when she met SRK and discussed work. The "Fan" actor mentioned to her that he had wanted her to be a part of "Raees" ever since he had heard about the requirement of a song in it.

"So in my head, I felt like telling him, 'Why did you wait this long? Why didn't you just give me a call the exact moment you thought of me? At least, I could have lived the last six months in happiness'," she said.

She describes working with SRK as "amazing," but she was a "nervous wreck" on day one of the shoot. However, the first shot made her emotional, after which she thanked the 50-year-old actor for getting her on board.

But it wasn't a cake walk filming the song. Sunny explained that she couldn't get a move right and they had to perform it multiple times.

"When you see it on TV, you might think it's easy, but it's not. It's not like rehearsing the lines, these were dance moves. Sometimes, you don't have any control over your body. Your face does something, your body does something else," she said, adding that she gave nine takes.

"Raees" was scheduled to open in theatres on Eid, but now the makers are considering a new date to release the flick.