Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik RoshanVarinder Chawla

The stars may say all they want, but box office clashes aren't pleasant.

While Akshay Kumar is confident that his film "Rustom" will do well despite stiff competition from Hrithik Roshan's "Mohenjo Daro," the latter has a different set of thoughts.

Talking to the Hindustan Times, the suave star explained that clashes bother people, but only when one lets such situations affect him/her. Hrithik deals with such scenarios thinking that films are bound to clash and will happen numerous times.

"It can make you feel a little insecure but I choose to see it in a slightly different manner. I think, in life you really need to be objective and the fact is that there are a bunch of holidays in a year, and several releases. So films are bound to clash. It will happen many times. There are many good films being made and there are only a so many holidays," the leading daily quoted him as saying.

What else we know about the films:

"Rustom" is loosely based on the infamous Nanavati case of 1959, where a naval officer faced trial for killing his wife's lover. The film has lesser number of screens compared to its opponent, sits at a running time of 142 minutes (2 hours 22 minutes) and stars Esha Gupta, Ileana D'Cruz and Arjan Bajwa in key roles. The crime-thriller has been directed by Tinu Suresh Desai.

"Mohenjo Daro" is an epic-adventure film, which transports back to the time when the Harappan civilisation existed. It follows Sarman (Hrithik) and Chaani's (Pooja Hegde) love story and the many obstacles that obstruct their way to a happily ever after. Directed by Ashutosh Gowariker, the film is Hrithik's return to celluloid after two long years.

Both the films arrive on Aug.12 and are hoping to cash in on the Independence Day weekend.