The popular adage "There's no place like home" holds true for most of us, unless you've lived with your parents for too long. It seems like BIGBANG star is happy to be back in his home country, South Korea, after his hectic MADE world tour. The rapper from the Kpop boy band even opened the doors to his second home, his Airbnb listing in Seoul, to five fans who've perhaps been waiting to spend time with GD.

A recent video released on BIGBANG's official YouTube page captures the décor in GD's apartment and reveals how the Hallyu idol spent time with his fans.

To be sure, GD's apartment represents him in so many ways. The decor is quirky, where graffiti meets neatly arranged pairs of Giuseppe Zanotti shoes displayed on the bookshelf. Elsewhere, this drama continues. The walls are plastered with posters of BIGBANG and odd objects like teddy bears sit on coffee tables. Nevertheless, GD's fans look mesmerised by his personal taste when he takes them on a tour of around the house.

G-Dragon aka Jiyong welcomes five loyal fans from Seoul, Japan, Singapore, China, and Hong Kong. In the video, the "Heartbreaker" singer shares a meal with them, takes several photos and even recommends places to visit in Seoul.

His fans visit the Sam Chung Dong neighbourhood, engage in a bit of fun at the Nan JI Han Kang Park, travel to the famous Gangnam district and then go to the YG recording studio. His fans even took part in an impromptu jam and sang for GD.

Airbnb released the list of five individuals who won the chance to visit GD at his studio apartment in September 2015. The competition, titled "From Superstar to Super host", was open for ten days and received around 56,000 applications, reported Pop Spoken.

Watch the video here: