Regardless of the political ideology, there is no denying the fact that Central Vista has been PM Modi's prestige and passion project.

Central Vista has been associated with the PM, perhaps, as strongly as the Rs 10 lakh signature Namo suit which is still fresh in public memory.

The new Parliament building is all set to be inaugurated at 7pm on Thursday by Prime Minister Modi and to mark the occasion, several days of cultural programmes have been lined up for the next few days.

Central Vista

What has been changed, wiped out or renamed?

The Rs 13,450 crore project collectively called Central Vista includes a new Parliament building, a new residential building and office for the Vice-President of India and the Prime Minister.

The lush green lawns stretch out on either side of Rajpath, which has now been renamed as Kartavya Path. Covering around 101 acres from Rashtrapati Bhavan to India Gate, the redone look also comprises red granite marble walkways, public amenities, glossy facades, new signages, six new parking lots, amphitheatres for public performances, dedicated spaces for vendors, 64 toilets for women and 32 for men, permanent walkway bridges, pedestrian walkways and the works.

There is now parking space for 1,125 vehicles and 35 buses near India Gate. Moving on, 74 light poles have been restored and over 900 new light poles have been installed.

Central Vista project

The south and north blocks have been converted into museums. However, the area which for decades has been Delhi's popular open-air hang-out zone will have a few restrictions now. Picnics at the India Gate, a popular part of the capital's cultural scape, will be a thing of the past as people will not be able to picnic on the grass next to India Gate from now onwards. Boating, however, will be allowed as before in the two canals (near Krishi Bhawan and Vanijiya Bhawan).

Drone show on Subhas Chandra Bose

The statue of Subhas Chandra Bose has been a noteworthy part of the Central Vista and a drone show will mark the inauguration and unveiling of the statue, which will be placed under the canopy near India Gate. The 10-minute drone show on Bose will be projected on September 9,10 and 11.
As an administrative measure, 30 buildings in the vicinity have been ordered to be vacated by 2pm and all offices in the Capital will be shut by 4pm to avoid traffic snarls coinciding with the inauguration.

Security measures 

Dedicated sanitation workers and security will be an important part of maintenance of the project. Around 300 CCTV cameras have been installed in the entire area. The project has had a bumpy ride and been riddled with controversies ever since its inception. PM's fans and equally dedicated troll army have voiced their opinions on the need or dispensability of the project.