Mohanlal, Jimikki Kammal
Mohanlal dances to Jimikki Kammal song with the participants of Jimikki Dance ChallengeMohanlal/Facebook

It's Jimikki Kammal fever all over all the globe!

The Malayalam song Entammede Jimikki Kammal from Mohanlal's latest movie Velipadinte Pusthakam set the world on fire soon after the makers released its audio on YouTube. The hungama continued even after its video — set in a college campus — surfaced online.

Watch Entammede Jimikki Kammal original video song

After it became one of the most popular video songs around, the team of the Lal Jose-directorial came up with the Jimikki Dance Challenge asking people all over the world to shake a leg to the number to win a chance to dance with the team of the film.

Soon, interesting and creative Jimikki versions surfaced online, making it the hot song of the festival season — with students and professionals dancing to it during the recent Onam celebrations.

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Now, as promised, the team of the Mohanlal-starrer danced to this hit track composed by Shaan Rahman with the participants of the challenge.

However, Sheril Kadavan, who became an Internet sensation with her spin on jive, is not seen in the latest video. Nevertheless, she gets mentioned by Sarath Kumar (Appani Ravi) and Arun Kurian.

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"I sweated out in the heat and the rain for the dance and all of them took away the credits. I am not going to dance anymore. Dude, is she [Sheril] gonna be there, the one who went viral on YouTube? Then I am not coming [translated from Malayalam]," Sarath is heard saying as he and Arun walk to a studio. He acquiesces only after Arun assures him that she isn't there. 

Soon after Sarath, Arun and Prasanna master join with the participants of the challenge, Mohanlal walks into the studio in a red shirt and mundu, surprising everyone there.

He tucks up the mundu and dances with the entire team. He is also heard thanking everyone for celebrating Jimikki Kammal, but before he can finish, two girls pull him back to the dancing floor.

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"The song that has got everybody dancing have made me too to take a few steps . Here's my version of #JimikkiKammal with the participants of dance challenge, and team Velipadinte Pusthakam [sic]," Mohanlal wrote while sharing the video on his Facebook page.

Mohanlal's Jimikki version video has gone viral on social media. The three-minute video has been viewed over 4.7 million times on Facebook alone in just 17 hours.

It has been widely circulated on WhatsApp and other social media platforms as well.

Watch Mohanlal's Jimikki Kammal version here: