Even though the Japanese are introverts (in a good sense), they are also a highly-talented lot. The talent manifests in many ways, one of which is the Japanese Role-Playing Games (JRPG) that's been bombarding the gaming industry with some hard-hitting titles for some time now.

Talking about JRPGs, the first name, or rather series, that comes to our minds is the ever-beloved Final Fantasy series.

Most of us consider the FF series as a sort of goodwill gaming gift to the world from Japan, and to this day, we swear by it. So, it's really no wonder that we are pumped for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV.

At this year's Gamescom, Final Fantasy XV and Square Enix were present with a host of new revelations for the upcoming game and almost all of it was pure gold. In case you missed out on all the glory, here's a look at the top four highlights from FF XV's presence at Gamescom 2015.

Final Fantasy XV at Gamescom 2015

The Story Behind it All

When we discuss about any Final Fantasy game, past or present, we often bring up the elements of drama and tragedy that are so finely blended with the storytelling mechanics. The developers know how well fans have received this blending and are planning something similar for FF XV.

According to game director Hajime Tabata, the core tragedy and drama elements have been ported from FF Versus XIII for the new game, apart from increasing the overall scale of the game so that it can also harbour elements of bonding and relationships.

As far as the story is concerned, it starts off with the Kingdom of Lucis signing an armistice with Niflheim to put an end to all the carnage and aggression between the two kingdoms. During this time, Noctis travels to Tenebrae to solidify relations between their kingdoms by meeting Luna, to whom he is betrothed. Find out the rest of the story yourself. After all, we wouldn't like to be a killjoy.

Airships That, Well, Fly

Not long ago, Tabata was asked about the possibility of airships in the new Final Fantasy. Unfortunately, Tabata had nothing to offer at that point of time.

With FF XV now arriving, Tabata says it's definitely possible to implement airships that will at least reach the skies, to the relief of fans. Sure, all that is good news, but there is a question here: will the airships be fully functional? Tabata definitely thinks so. He says even if airships miss out of the original game, they could be introduced via DLCs later.

The new 'Dawn' Trailer

Thanks to Square Enix, fans got to see a brand new 'Dawn' trailer for the game. The Dawn trailer didn't offer any kind of gameplay, it still focused on the overall story and how the game kicked off. According to Tabata, though, all the scenes from the trailer were cut from the actual in-game footage, it's surely the best looking Final Fantasy to have ever graced the industry.

Just know this: the new game and its story will take place 15 years after what was shown in the trailer.

Luna's Transformation... And More Power to the Ladies

According to Tabata, the character of Luna has gone through some major transformation for the new game. No more is Luna a weakened and vulnerable character, but a determined one with her own resolve.

But as it seems, Luna isn't the only determined female who will be available in the game. In fact, there was a mysterious black-haired lady who was also shown during the game's previous E3 2015 trailer. But Square Enix was not really ready to spill the beans on her.

Stay tuned for more updates!