Mohit Parmar

The world of entertainment is vast, encompassing every type of artistry under the sun. Films, TV shows, documentaries, music videos, and now web series! Don't you feel grateful to have so many options to satisfy your entertainment keeda? Well, producer Mohit Parmar feels glad to have these different artistries. And why not? It gives him the freedom to test his skills at variance.

As a producer, Mohit Parmar has worked on multiple projects, including short films and web series. Furthermore, his current works include feature films and music videos. This varied work profile intrigued us to ask Mohit Parmar about his favourite type of entertainment. He promptly said, web series.

Explaining why, the producer continued, "Web series are the new craze! They are making their way into the industry with their contemporary storytelling, intriguing writing, and unique characters." Adding further, Mohit Parmar asserted, "Another reason for my love for web series is that it brings forth an opportunity to experiment with new ideas which films can't provide." He believes that web series have given a new lease of life to creative people.

We all are in love with web series, aren't we? Producer Mohit Parmar also explains how web series devote more time to a story. He says, "Web series give you the freedom to continue a plot at a more pragmatic pace, allow space for more character growth, and create a good sense of experience for the viewers."

Mohit Parmar believes that each type of entertainment has its own highs and lows. Filmmakers should be very thoughtful and precise while working on any kind of project or genre.

The producer, under the banner of his firm, House of Joy Productions, has released a slew of projects, including Suraj Aur Saanjh, Surprise, Online Girlfriend, and many more. Nowadays, Mohit Parmar is working on feature films, music videos, and web shows.