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Kannada actor Nenapirali Prem has come down heavily upon Jnanpith awardee Chandrashekar Kambar for supporting dubbing in films. The "Chandra" star has criticised the veteran Kannada writer stating that being a senior in the industry, he should be ashamed of advocating dubbing.

At the recently held Kannada Sahitya Sammelan, Kambar said dubbing would help in the development of the Kannada language. His comments have raised a few eyebrows, and have particularly infuriated Prem.

The actor, who participated in a debate on dubbing on Kannada News channel TV9, was aggressive in condemning Kambar. "He should be ashamed of himself for supporting dubbing," he said. Adding to his outrage, he said the writer should have known about dubbing and its pros and cons before expressing his views.

Prem said, "It doesn't go well with a veteran writer like Kambar when he expresses his views before media without the cognizance of the issue. It is not like somebody said that it helps the growth of the language and you agreed," Prem said during the debate.

"If somebody as old and knowledgeable person like Kambar comments about dubbing without knowing about it fully, then what about we youths? What should we speak?"

Prem didn't spare others in the industry who are in support of dubbing. "I have participated in several movements in the past supporting Kannada cause and for me Kannada is like mother and when I see some producers and directors supporting dubbing it pains me. They should also be ashamed of themselves," he said.

Retaliating to his comments, Kambar later told the the TV channel over phone: "Why should I be ashamed? I know what I am talking about. I have never talked or gone against Kannada or Kannada film industry. My view is that the benefits of watching scientific and technical high grade movies should reach the youths of village. You tell this to the actor in his own language."