'Battlefield 4'
"Battlefield 4" will be released on Oct 29.battlefield.com

Battlefield 4, the upcoming FPS title from DICE, will be inclusive of fighter jets for the U.S., Russia and China.

New details have emerged as the outcome of trying out the fighter jets in multiplayer map Parcel Storm, during Conquest by a YouTube user who has shared the game.

The game has already showcased some of the modern land and water-based vehicles used by these three factions in real-world. Now details of the new jets have been released by the user. Jets included in the game are A-10 Warthog, Su-25, Q-5 Fantan, F35, J-20, Su-50, SU-50, F-18, F-22 Raptor, AC-130 Gunship and SU-35 Flanker, according to BF4Central.

The user reveals that the jets will have a turning speed of 313 and also that the speed range and tight turns will be higher than in Battlefield 3. Players can also make smaller loops, since there will be reduction of turn radius for jets and a higher speed, GamingBolt reported.

As opposed to the earlier version, jets will not start off from runway but from mid-air. There will be a higher angle in the third person view and even if the jets roll, the nose will be pointing upwards.  

Weapons and ammunition for these jets largely depend upon what type of class and plane the player choses. Players will be able to deploy three types of anti-aircraft missiles:

  • Full Radar: these missiles will be acquiring targets automatically.
  • Half Radar: this missile system will require a constant lock.
  • Infra-red: this missile will fire and moves to its designated target without the need for any lock.

Players can also have some unlockables like JDAM Bombs that can be deployed as dumb bombs and with laser-designated targets. Players will also be able to track targets via vapour trails that will be of immense help during dog fighting between aircrafts. A disable system will also be provided for manoeuvring and regenerating health. 

The game will be released on 29 October for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Check out the video here.