Sepp Blatter FIFA
Sepp Blatter is a bit glum as he announces his decision to quit as the FIFA presidentReuters

Finally, and rather unexpectedly, Sepp Blatter, days after winning a fifth term as FIFA president, decided it is indeed time to relinquish his hold on football's governing body.

With the walls closing in as aides, vice-presidents and more were embroiled in a corruption saga, and with criticism coming in from pretty strong quarters, Blatter finally admitted it was time for him to step down, quitting the post of the FIFA president, not with immediate effect, though.

"I have been reflecting deeply about my presidency and about the forty years in which my life has been inextricably bound to FIFA and the great sport of football," Blatter said in a statement after calling a rather hurried press conference late on Tuesday. "I cherish FIFA more than anything and I want to do only what is best for FIFA and for football.

"I felt compelled to stand for re-election, as I believed that this was the best thing for the organisation. That election is over but FIFA's challenges are not. FIFA needs a profound overhaul.

"While I have a mandate from the membership of FIFA, I do not feel that I have a mandate from the entire world of football – the fans, the players, the clubs, the people who live, breathe and love football as much as we all do at FIFA.

"Therefore, I have decided to lay down my mandate at an extraordinary elective Congress. I will continue to exercise my functions as FIFA President until that election."

So, how long will Blatter be the president? it is possible for another six months yet, with that extraordinary elective Congress of FIFA only expected to be called sometime later this year.

Either way, it does come as a welcome sign, with leaders, former players and most importantly fans, calling for the Swiss 79-year-old to step down and allow a new generation to take the reins of FIFA.

What could have also caused the decision is the fact that Blatter is reportedly under investigation from the US and FBI, according to the New York Times, over the various discrepancies that has slowly but surely come to light at FIFA.