If you have been following the beautiful game (and it's game version) for a while, you should be knowing that each year two of the biggest names in the industry – EA Sports and Konami – lock horns with their respective FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer titles. And this year, it isn't any different with fans currently awaiting FIFA 16 and PES 16.

Each year, both the titles introduce something new, in terms of features, teams and game modes, besides all the licensed materials such as teams, leagues and competitions.

While PES has already scored one over FIFA with the inclusion of the UEFA Champions League year after year, it seems Konami has given EA yet another blow in the race to the top. Sure EA has access to almost all the licensed leagues and teams around the world, but it seems like a few of them are jumping ships to join Konami this time.

According to reports, two of Brazil's biggest footballing giants, Flamengo and Corinthians, have announced that they will not be a part of EA's new game and won't appear in FIFA 16. Instead, both of them have agreed a deal with Konami and Pro Evolution Soccer for this year's instalment.

But why suddenly jump ships from EA to Konami? Well, apparently, the offer that was made by EA Sports to both the Brazilian clubs was "very bad", which is why both Corinthians and Flamengo instead signed up with Konami.

Do you think the exclusion of both teams from FIFA 16 will make a major impact on the sales of the game? Or do you think it isn't that big a deciding factor for EA's popularity in the market? Let us know in the comments section below.

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