Have you got hold of your copy of FIFA 16? If not, we highly recommend you do as soon as possible. If you have already, we are sure you will love the new and updated FIFA 16 FUT Draft Mode that everybody is talking about.

If you know a thing or two about the overall FUT Draft system from the FIFA titles of the past, you should know exactly how important it is to maintain a healthy chemistry among all the players you have selected for your roster.

To attain the right chemistry, you may sometime even have to let go of some of your best players, although that may sound incredibly bizarre. But to win, you need to get the best out of your full team, and that's where the concept of creating a Hybrid Team comes around; read on to find out how.

FIFA 16 – Create Hybrid Teams

  • One of the basic things you need to keep in mind is placing each player according to his natural position. If not anything, this will help maximize your team's overall chemistry.
  • The team chemistry relies on three key aspects – club, country and league. Make sure you pair players from the same clubs or country, to start off. If you are concentrating on a certain league for a key Gold Card player, let's say the Italian Serie A, make sure you choose other players from that league only.
  • As far as Hybrid Teams are concerned, it basically points to a team comprising players from different parts of the planet, but having enough in common to work in cohesion.
  • To do this, go through each of the leagues and all their top teams and form a team that will have the best of all the leagues. You just need to search for players with common bonds at each position. In the end, remember to pair your FUT squad with a manager who will also share similar traits.

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[Source: Prima Games]