EA's FIFA 16 is a considerable upgrade over its predecessors, as far as new features and a great overall experience are concerned. And if you think this year's FIFA couldn't get any better, you probably haven't tried your hand out on the game's FIFA Ultimate Team Draft (FUT Draft).

In case you are not aware, the new FIFA FUT Draft offers amazing prizes in the Ultimate Team mode. If you still have not got a hold of the draft, it's highly recommended you do as soon as possible. If you are indeed willing, here are a few tips that will guide you on what's what in the FIFA 16 FUT Draft.

FIFA 16 – FUT Draft Tips

  • Once you enter the FIFA Ultimate Team, you'll be offered a draft token to use in solo or online drafts. However, if the token is a used one, know that there's an entry fee of 15,000 coins, or 300 FIFA points.
  • The first thing to do here is to select a difficulty level that you feel will match your skills. The idea here is to win a four-game series, with each game increasing the difficulty level, compared to the previous one. You'll need to win all four games in the series, if you want to earn the prizes.
  • Once the appropriate difficulty level is set, you will need to choose a formation. If this is your first time in FUT, pick a formation that's simpler. This kind of formation will let you use star players to the best of their abilities during the Draft.
  • With the formation set, you must now select a captain from your first five players. Select a captain and then build a team around this person. The team should comprise players who are from the same league, club or country.
  • It's advisable to pick a captain who may not have the highest stats, so that you can pick better players with great chemistry. It is also possible to preview players in your formation that will show you what your team chemistry would look like if you picked them.
  • As per EA, once you've completed the FIFA Ultimate Team Draft, you'll be compensated for the 15,000 coins you earlier spent. But don't simply expect those coins back. Instead, you'll earn packs, coins and cards that will be equivalent of the coins you spent.
  • Once that is done, head over to your team. This is the time to know the style and tendencies of your players before you start a game; knowing intricate details about your players could be a deciding factor for you.

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[Source: Prima Games]