Before the official copy of FIFA 16 is released, EA, like every year, has pushed out the demo version to give fans a sort of preview of what they can expect when the real thing comes out. And needless to say, the demo keeps on impressing us every day.

Apart from the new graphics, gameplay features and everything else in between, the demo version offers a number of new features, most of which are well hidden in the game for you to find. Don't know what we are talking about? Here are five well-hidden secret features you should know in the demo.

FIFA 16 Demo – Top 5 Secret Features

The Bolasie Flick

Hate him or love him, you just cannot ignore Palace boss Alan Pardew and his men who have taken the league by storm in the early days. As of now, they sit nicely in the middle-to-top half of the table, although they could have gone even higher had they seen off an Aguero-less City in the weekend. Nonetheless, Yannick Bolasie is one of the top players Crystal Palace has, and in FIFA 16, there's a move named after him called "Bolasie Flick," which can be performed by a top-skilled player (hold R1/RB, flick right stick up). Try it out in the demo.

Celebration Fail – Knee Slide

Since time immemorial, FIFA games have allowed fans to perform their own favourite celebrations after putting the ball into the back of the net. For this, you only had to press a combination of buttons and wham! A fully functional back-flip. For that matter, FIFA 16 isn't any different. But nicely executed celebrations are too mainstream. What about a few celebration fails, then? EA has really thought out-of-the-box for this one, and has introduced an awkward knee slide fail. To perform, just press L2/LT and flick right stick to the left twice and you will see your player getting clumsily stuck in the middle of it.

Perform No Touch Dribble

While it's enough to win against your friends in a heated 1-V-1 game in FIFA, why not do that in style? For starters, you could perform the no touch dribble. To perform the no touch dribble, hold down the L1/LB button and you will see the ball roll away from your feet, making way to enable you to perform an amazingly insane dribble. Shades of Messi, son?

Fake Shots are Bomb

The concept of a fake shot has been around in the game we don't know since when. There are a lot of people who use the feature day in and day out, while others remain completely oblivious to it. But for those who do, know that you can execute it by charging the shot button as normal (O/B) and then cutting it off at the last moment with X/A. Sure it may take some time in the new game to master, but once you do, you will be the envy of your friends.

On Your Feet, Soldier!

So what if a striker, on the edge of your box, left you for dead since you couldn't perform the slide tackle in time. You can always get up, literally scramble back to your feet and go one and try to stop him. Pressing the slide tackle button one more time sees your player hurriedly get up off the turf and continue pursuing the attacker. If pulled off well, this could be a life saver.

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