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    FIFA 15 will release on 23 September 2014.Facebook
  • PES 2015
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Since both FIFA 15 and PES 2015 demos are now out, a comparison study from players will give us some pointers on the game to choose between. However, FIFA 15 is already out in North America, and the Europe release is on Thursday, 25 September.

PES 2015 demos have hit PlayStation and Xbox consoles in both American continents. The European PES 2015 demo was released on Wednesday, 24 September.

FIFA 15 vs PES 2015 Demo Review

This review is from a YouTuber, GamescoreWhores, who has made it clear that he buys and plays both the games and is not biased.


  • Both games have good graphics.
  • PES 2015 has better player features. Players look more real.
  • FIFA 15 has superior replays than PES 2015
  • Both games have impressive player kits. But FIFA 15 has more licensed kits under its belly.
  • The pitch shadows are better in PES 2015. But FIFA 15 has better pitch graphics with better 'pitch ware' throughout the game.
  • It is a tied verdict in the graphical comparison division.


  • Animations including sprinting and trick moves are better in FIFA 15. It is not so fluid in PES 2015.
  • Goalkeeping animations are upgraded in FIFA 15, slightly edging out with those in PES 2015. But corner kicks are better in PES 2015.
  • PES 2015 has better crowd animations, and it also allows individual selection for run on player and 100% manual passing sub-option. But it lacks the second player pressing when off-ball.
  • FIFA 15 brings frenetic gameplay with superior animation when a player gets a pass.
  • FIFA 15 is thus better than PES 2015 in animations, making it a clear winner.


  • FIFA 15 has faster game experience than its Konami rival. If the player is searching for pure fun, then FIFA 15 wins it. PES 2015 is methodical, but lacks end-to-end action.
  • Players will find that PES 2015 has much more balanced sprinting approach, so online play would be better.
  • FIFA 15 could face issues in its online version, if there is no balance between sprinting attackers and defenders, 'rage quits' could ensue.
  • The Premiere League matchday experience in FIFA 15 has undergone an overhaul, creating a sense of atmosphere, and which PES 2015 lacks.
  • Difficulty increments in both games are good. FIFA 15 has surprisingly got the Difficulty settings right this time. PES games have over the years always had better difficulty settings.
  • The revamped tactics menu has given FIFA 15 it's a winning verdict in Gameplay comparison.


  • When it comes to sound, there is no contest between the two as FIFA 15 wins it hands down. The PES 2015 demo has no commentary at all!
  • The crowd sound is better in FIFA 15 as it is more localised and has decent commentary. When a ball in FIFA 15 hits an advertising signpost, the sounds allow us to know what material it's made of.
  • PES 2015 has weak sound and the soundtrack too has been very limited and in FIFA 15, there is a whole library of new tracks.
  • FIFA 15 wins in Sound too.

Demo Features

  • The Demo shows the progression EA Sports has made with FIFA 15.
  • FIFA 15 made sure their Demo was out first, especially in Europe.
  • The uses of Kinect in FIFA 15 are more intelligent and worthwhile.
  • There will be more licensed leagues and featured in FIFA 15 than in PES 2015.
  • EA Sports has improved use of strategies and formations by players.
  • FIFA 15 has concentrated more on Premiere League meaning lower leagues might be give less attention.

Below is another video from Top Videogame Moments showing comparison videos of both the games.

(YouTube Courtesy: Top Videogame Moments)

FIFA 15 vs PES 2015 Comments

Some comments posted on the Reddit thread on PES 2015 Demo:

  • "I played it for 10 minutes went back to FIFA15 i think Fifa is much better this year than PES"

Some players had issues with the PES 2015 Graphics:

  • "Yeh the graphics are terrible, everything about the game looks like a 2007-2009 xbox 360 game. Almost looks like it's running at 480p."
  • "I tried the demo and the gameplay is good, but it's like the graphics is jagged or fuzzy. Really weird and it looks like a Xbox 360 game."

But some disagreed.

  • "I don't find them jagged or fuzzy but I do find them slightly poorer than FIFA's. In all honesty though, I really don't care, they still look great, and the gameplay is what it is all about for me."

Other views:

  • "I d/l'ed the demo from the HK store a week or so ago as well as the FIFA15 demo' and while I feel like FIFA has more atmosphere (comentary, etc.) PES is the better futbol/soccer game."
  • "...it is so much better than Fifa, this year Fifa will bought as a stop gap till pes comes out."
  • "As a Person who plays football since I was in my mother belly, I don't enjoy either.

"FIFA is too fancy and PES is weird, even thou I think that the PES demo is good is too easy to score, the through pass is too good, the nets are too stiff, faster players still have a lot of advantages, prefer the FIFA 14 where strong player are best than fast players.

"I will wait till the final version of PES in November, but this year is not a football year."

  • "I really love the manager mode in pes, but the rest of the gameplay has been a letdown in past, which is why i kept coming back to fifa. If they make the gameplay more livelier like fifa and change that boring commentating, and polish up the menus so they are clean and easy to look at then i can see myself going with pes....until then i am def going to stick with fifa."
  • "Well, PES has Brazilian Championship ('Brasileirão') with all teams and uniforms licensed, while FIFA doesn't , what PES have to do is indeed improve the gameplay and graphics. In terms of overall gameplaying and amount of people who play the game, I'll stick to FIFA again, even though I play both of them."
  • "Gameplay, mechanics and physics are way better compared to fifa,passes are snappy,i can really feel like i am controlling the ball,i have preordered the game,but i feel that the stamina depletes very2 quickly,how do i let the developers know of my opinion yea?"

(YouTube Courtesy: PlayStation Access)

Release Dates

PES 2015 will be releasing on 11 November in North America, 12 November in Europe for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

FIFA 15 is already out in North America and Europe release is on 25 September and UK release on 25 September for PC, Wii, PS Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.