The latest FIFA in the ever-shining EA-made FIFA series is already on top of charts. And such is its popularity that the game is still out of stock with just a few online retailers offering the game. But that's justified since it continues to be one of the major crowd pullers in the history of the entire industry.

As of now, the newly released FIFA 15 is the talk of the town. There are new features that have been added, alongside refurbishing a few of the existing ones to compliment the new. However, most of the other things remain the usual. Although that's apart from the few additions in terms of teams and leagues the devs have made for a newer experience.

Nonetheless, the point of interest still lies in the fact that there will now be new roster of players to choose from. And similar to the other years, there will be a few hidden gems among others who might have low overalls, but still have the capacity to grow with great potentials ahead.

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But since the number of such players is expansive, it can be a tad difficult for you to point them out among the others. However, there's still hope as we bring to you the best from all the rosters combined. Hence, here are the players you should look to sign when in the career mode of FIFA 15.

Maximilian Meyer (CAM, FC Schalke 04)
This 18-year-old German midfield attacker is someone every team needs if they are to bolster the front line to the fullest. Sure he is young, but he still comes with an overall of 75. However, the best part about that is Meyer has the capability to level up to 87 if played regularly. Chances are the Bayer won't sell him easy and you might have to loosen the purse strings to bring one of the future stars of the game. Germans are better footballers anyway, hence you might not regret if you actually decide on the young German.

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Lucas Piazon (LW, Eintracht Frankfurt)
A winger has the ability to deliver good balls to you from the wide wings. And a better one can do more than just assisting you. Take Cristiano Ronaldo, for example. But since Ronaldo's price tag is somewhat of a big deal, you can always invest in someone who has age by his side and won't need you to break the bank. In walks the Brazilian Lucas Piazon. The Frankfurt wingman is just 20 with an overall of 76. But with regular playtime, that overall could easily shoot up to 86.

Paul Pogba (CM, Juventus)
When Pogba was a Manchester United player, Sir Alex tried desperately to hold on to the Frenchman since he is one of the rising stars of the game. However, his career only shot up since his decision to join Italian champions Juventus. Riding on that, for FIFA 15, Paul Pogba is one of the best investments you could ever make. The 21 year-old already comes with an overall of 83. And with more nurturing, that can shoot up to 89. Sign Pogba and make him the focal point in your team's midfield.

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Youri Tielemans (CM, Anderlecht)
When Belgium qualified for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, they were almost instantly tagged as the Dark Horse of the tournament. And rightfully so with the Lukakus and Hazards in the mix. And now, you can try your hand out on the young Youri Tielemans of Anderlecht who is also of the same produce. This 17 year-old comes into the scene with an overall of 73. However, that can go up as much as to 88, that is if you don't relegate the player to the benches all of the times. A good midfield player is always an important thing, and this one comes cheap.

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Simone Scuffet (GK, Udinese)
While all the humdrum is about the attackers and midfielders in the game, none can deny the importance of having a potential goal saver between the two posts. You need a good goalkeeper to help concede less and the 18 year-old Simone Scuffet is as good as they usually come. Sure, in real life, Scuffet might not get many chances ahead of the more experience campaigners in the Udinese side, but given time and patience, Scuffet could chalk out a final overall of 87 before he retires. Well, that might not be your usual Manuel Neuer or Thibaut Courtois, but he still a better deal than most others.Howgrg