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The population of tigers and rhinos in Sumatra have depleted too because of the harm caused by humans to the Leuser Ecosystem.Pixabay

A female zookeeper died on Monday after a tiger entered an enclosure where the woman was working in southeast England. The Hamerton Zoo Park deemed the incident as a "freak accident."

Police form the county of Cambridgeshire, in a statement, said that their officials arrived at the scene at around 11:15 am (1015 GMT), soon after the Zoo officials called security officials.

"A tiger had entered an enclosure with a keeper. Sadly the female zookeeper died at the scene," the Cambridgeshire Constabulary on its Facebook page said.

"At no time did the animal escape from the enclosure. The incident is not believed to be suspicious." No further details of the incident were given.

The Hamerton Zoo Park also posted a statement on its Facebook page, saying that the incident "appears to have been a freak accident" and that a "full investigation is currently under way and we hope that more details can be announced as soon as we are able."

"All our thoughts and sympathies are with our colleagues' friends and families at this dreadful time," the zoo said.

The zoo added that no other animals escaped their enclosures when the incident occurred, and that public safety was never a concern when it came to the insitution's safety standards.

The zoo houses Malaysian and Bengal tigers in its 25-acre park. 

The zoo will remain close on Tuesday, according to AFP reports.