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It seems that contrary to several speculations and rumours recently surfacing over internet regarding a crossover between AMC's two horror-drama series "The Walking Dead" and "Fear the Walking Dead," it won't be happening, at least not anytime soon.

As reported by Morning News USA, "Fear the Walking Dead" show-runner David Erickson has stated that the upcoming episodes of Season 2 will explore the story behind Rick Grimes' coma.

In "The Walking Dead," the story started with Grimes being in coma and though, both the series have this common element, it won't materialise as a crossover, as confirmed by Erickson.

Stating that unlike "The Walking Dead," "Fear the Walking Dead" is not based on a comic book, Erickson told TV Line, "Some tectonic plates would have to shift to make [a crossover] happen."

Erickson also said that one of the major reasons why the crossover can't happen is because both the shows have different settings.

"And from a narrative standpoint, with [The Walking Dead] being six seasons in and going on seven, I don't think we'll ever quite catch up with them, so chronologically, it would be difficult as well," he said.

Melty has reported that the show-runner wants to make sure that FTWD doesn't become a carbon-copy of TWD in the near future.

"My hope is that at a certain point — and it'll probably never happen — but if we stay on the air long enough, people will stop comparing the shows as much," he said. "I don't think that'll ever go away, but they are two separate stories with similar rules taking place in the same universe that was created by Robert [Kirkman] in the comics."

"Fear the Walking Dead" Season 2 will return to AMC on Aug. 21.