Things are going to take an unexpected turn in the upcoming season of AMC's horror-drama series "Fear the Walking Dead" as Alicia will be shown as a much more mature and experienced version of herself while Celia might make a comeback.

Earlier, TV Line had reported that show-runner Dave Erickson had hinted a more mature Alicia to be showcased in the series: She will be a bit older than the one fans last saw in Season 1 of the series. Fans are hoping that now that Alicia will be an adult, she will be able to connect more with her mother.

Talking with Interview Magazine, Alycia Debnam-Carey, who portrays Alicia, talked about her character's role in the upcoming season. She said it was an interesting experience for her to have a more matured role than Season 1.

Alycia also said the biggest challenge in playing Alicia was to pretend to be a teen who was about to become an adult. She had to act very carefully as she was no more a teenager who says a lot of "quippy" and sassy lines.

In the meanwhile, Marlene Forte, who plays Cecilia on the show, teased that her character might return in the new season. As reported by Daily Dead, Celia may return and join the survivors in Season 2.

Hall of Fame has reported that Cliff Curtis, who plays Travis in the show, said: "Sweetheart [Celia], unless we see you as a dead person with a bullet in your head, unless you've got something in your head, you could still come back again."

Several speculations also suggest Celia will return in Season 2 as a zombie. However, it has not been confirmed by any of the show's actors or creators.

Marlene discussed her character in the show. Talking about the scene in Season 1 where she helped Salazar, even though he always disagreed with her, Celia said it was the maternal side of her character that was taking over.

"Again, you're dying, and I'm going to let you die and cross over and I will take care of you. You're going to be part of my family, and she takes him in. She takes him in. Salazar is another very wounded soul," Marlene said.