The first season of "Fear the Walking Dead" ended with a grim note as one of the prominent characters of the series, Liza Ortiz, was killed in the season finale.

The series, which is a prequel of the epic horror drama show "The Walking Dead," has been well received by both, fans and critics, till now.

"The Walking Dead" is known for coming up with unexpected plot twists that leave viewers shocked and it seems that "Fear the Walking Dead" is also following the same path.

Undoubtedly, the series is about to get more dark and grave with season two. As Liza is dead, it is definitely going to affect the other primary characters, especially his son, Chris, who was very close to her.

Melty has reported that in a world filled with the undead, it's difficult to stay sane, especially when one tragically loses someone so important. That's what happened to Chris, and with his grieving state of mind, it wouldn't be surprising if he loses it when the show returns.

Though there is no official confirmation, the report hints that Chris might become insane and shoot Travis, who is the lead character of the series.

"The Walking Dead" has done it numerous times; killing a popular character whom viewers least expected to see dead, and there is a significant chance that "Fear the Walking Dead" will also come up with something like it.

Even though the show is a prequel to "The Walking Dead," it has its own original elements that make it intriguing and worthy to watch. Hence, whatever course of action season two will take, it will hopefully be beyond any expectations of fans.

Another much speculated debate regarding the series is, whether the group will battle the walkers in sea or not.

In the last episode of season one titled "The Good Man," after making way through hordes of walkers, Travis, Madison, Liza and Chris managed to escape through a yacht named Abigail.

However, at the end of the episode, Liza revealed that she was infected and compelled Travis to kill her. The episode ended with a grieving Travis shooting Liza.

While the yacht continues its journey through the sea, there is a possibility that more walkers are hidden inside it and might attack the group soon.

Whether Travis and others will be able to defend themselves against the walkers or someone from the group might die soon, will be the primary concern in the next season.