The second season of AMC's horror-drama series, "Fear the Walking Dead" is all set to return with its eighth episode titled "Grotesque," and it seems that some major plot twists are in store for fans who are eagerly awaiting the latest episode.

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The synopsis of the episode reads: "Nick's steadfast search for answers leads him into a deadly dog-eat-dog landscape; and a dark piece of his past is uncovered."

"Grotesque" will pick up from where episode 7, titled, "Shiva" left off, and Nick will be seen travelling alone as he has decided to go on his own journey instead of accompanying the other survivors.

In an interview with TV Line, show-runner Dave Erickson discussed Nick's role in the upcoming season and said that Nick will be meeting a new community known as Tijuana and will find new allies among them.

"When we get to the end of Episode 8 [the mid-season premiere], we'll see that he finds a place that I think enables him to a certain degree. He's always had a very close relationship with death, largely because of the death of his own father. It's almost like, from an emotional standpoint, this closeness to death is a way to try to reconnect with his father, so that's something we touch on over the course of the back half," Erickson said.

"Then, strictly from an addictive standpoint, he likes being close to it because there is an adrenaline rush that comes from it. There is a logic to it. It's a junkie logic, but it is a logic."

Erickson further elaborated on Nick's journey in the next season, hinting at what he might come across in the upcoming episodes.

"The belief system that he finds when he gets to the colony is somewhat extreme. You see that in Episode 9," Erickson stated.