The mid-season finale of AMC's horror-drama series "Fear the Walking Dead" Season 2 left fans shocked, and now they are eagerly looking forward to watch the onward journey of Nick (Frank Dillane), Travis (Cliff Curtis), and Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie).

In the first half of Season 2, the story concluded with a fire engulfing the hacienda where the survivors were residing. It left Nick shocked and in a state of delusion: He left his mother, Madison (Kim Dickens), and the rest of the survivors.

As reported by Christian Post, executive producer Dave Erickson said that the firebreak disturbed Nick because he assumed the place was the safest for his family and other survivors.

"Everyone's struggling to find their place in this world, and I think Nick finally did, or felt like he'd began to, and that's been lost, and that's been compromised. And this is behaviour consistent with what Nick would have done in the old world, let's put it that way. There is a certain degree of selfishness in his behaviour and his addiction, and that always takes precedence over everything else," Erickson said.

Apart from Nick, Travis also left the group in order to take care of his son Chris. According to Christian Post, Curtis hinted at what the future might hold for Travis and Madison.

"I think in Season 1 it's [the responsibility] more of a two-hander and more evenly weighed between Madison and Travis. And in Season 2 she is much more adaptable and pragmatic about killing and is more willing to take action. And so naturally in Season 2 she will emerge as the leader of the group. That's what I am saying. But Travis is the slowest one to adapt and the last one to take action."

"Fear the Walking Dead" Season 2 will return in the second half of this year.