The terrorist couple who shot dead 14 people in San Bernardino earlier this month was buried in a quiet funeral attended by about 10 people on Tuesday, as FBI agents stood guard at the final rites. 

Tashfeen Malik, a Pakistan-born woman, and her husband Syed Farook, who was a US citizen, were killed in a heavy gunbattle with the police on 2 December, hours after they carried out a terror attack at a social services centre in San Bernardino, California. 

Mali and Farook were buried with traditional Islamic rituals at an unidentified Muslim cemetery in the United States, with those who attended the mosque with them staying away, Reuters reported. 

Several cemeteries had reportedly refused to bury the two in their graveyards due to fears of desecration, as incidents and bias against Muslims in the country are said to be on the rise following the attack. 

On Sunday, two mosques in southern California were vandalised in what officials are investigating as 'hate crimes'. 

The Islamic State, also known as Daesh, had claimed that Malik and Farook were its 'followers'. 

Tashfeen Malik had reportedly pledged allegiance to Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Facebook on the day of the shooting. 

Malik had travelled to the US on a K-1 visa and married Syed Rizwan Farook. Both reportedly stocked up ammunition and even undertook target practice before going on a mass shooting rampage. 

The couple had a baby this year, and the six-month girl is still in state custody.