Father's Day 2016 falls on Sunday, June 19, and there are quite a few shows that you can watch to celebrate this special occasion with your dad this weekend. Check out the list of TV shows, including "The Goldbergs," 'Grandfathered" and "Empire" that are specially aired to celebrate Father's Day this weekend.

"The Jim Gaffigan Show"

The sitcom loosely based on the stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan's life sees him taking care of his five little children along with his loving wife. The show will be aired as part of the Father's Day celebrations on Comedy Central India, which will start at 10 am (IST) on Sunday, June 19.


This upper middle class African-American family, the Joshnsons, is the definition of modern day family that most of us can relate to. Andre (Anthony Anderson) is the head of this family and he is a brilliant balance between wacky, funny and responsible. You can watch this fun family when Star World and Star World HD airs episodes from Season 2 on Saturday, June 18 and Sunday, June 19.

"The Goldbergs"

This funny family show is centered on the life of a teenager who belongs to a family of five. It explores the relationship between the father in the family and his children in a beautiful way, and you can experience that by tuning in to Star World Premiere HD at 8 pm (IST) on Sunday, June 19.


The comedy show about Harry, a playboy, sperm donor and a bartender and his changed life after meeting with one his offspring is another great watch for Father's Day. It will be aired as part of Comedy Central India's special programming for Sunday, which starts at 10 am (IST).

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This drama series centred on the Lyon family and their company Empire Entertainment may not be the ideal family show. However, Lucious (Terrence Howard) is one protective father and despite flaws in his character, this needs to be celebrated. You can watch Lucious in action when "Empire" airs at 10 pm (EST) on Friday, June 17.


John Stamos may not look old enough to be a grandfather, but that is exactly what he is in this hilarious ABC comedy. Follow the adventures of this narcissistic, yet goodhearted, chef who simultaneously becomes a father and a grandfather, when Star World Premiere HD airs "Grandfathered" at 11 pm (IST) on Sunday, June 19.