Happy Father's Day 2015
Happy Father's Day 2015Reuters

Father's Day will be observed on June 19 this year as it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in most parts of the world. If you are already throwing away most gift ideas and turning to the internet for answers, here are some suggestions for gifts that every father might actually love to have.

Getting a greeting card, cufflinks, mugs with World's Best Day quotes, perfumes and clothing are some of the ordinary choices, but if you really wish to give something out of the box, look at the current trend. Technology has become a major part of our daily lives as we constantly rely on smartphones, tablets, internet, smartwatches and other tech gadgets for various purposes and it would only make sense to have these products to make the most of it.

Keeping in mind that not all kids can afford the pricey iPhones, they also wouldn't wish to settle for a plain and simple greeting card (although it's the thought that counts), here are some gift ideas that most of us can afford.


It is not quite often that we see our fathers change their smartphones. But as the tech world advances, it is best to have the latest device. In India, the intense competition among smartphone companies has led to a price war and the need to pack top-of-the-line specs. There are plenty of smartphone choices for shoppers that can easily fit into any budget.

If you are looking for smartphones under Rs. 10,000, there are handsets like Lenovo Vibe K5, Meizu M3 Note and Coolpad Note 3 Lite. Smartphones sub-Rs. 20,000 are pretty cutting edge with premium features. Some of the devices you can get include LeEco Le 2, Lenovo ZUK Z1, Motorola G4 Plus and more. If your budget permits you to go up to Rs. 30,000, there are worthy devices like LeEco Le Max 2, Xiaomi Mi 5 and OnePlus 3, all of which can easily offer the experience of a premium flagship device.


Wearables are slowly catching grip into the tech world. It would be nice to give your dad a break from the regular Titan or a Rado and replace it with a smartwatch, where he can actually get all the smartphone notifications, track his fitness and stay updated with the latest tech trend.

There are a plenty of choices in the smartwatch segment. Samsung, LG, Huawei and Motorola have a series of smartwatches that look like regular wrist watch but offer all the smart functions. If you are looking at some budget options, there are companies like Wickedleak, Intex, Alcatel and others.

Fitness tracker

It is important to stay fit and healthy and technology is doing its bit to contribute just as much into that area. Although smartwatches these days come with most fitness tracking features, however, fitness trackers are designed just to do that without the distractions of smartphone-related functions. Almost every smartphone manufacturer offers a range of fitness tracking wearables.

Fitness trackers can help your dad keep a track of daily activities, sleep and stay fit and healthy. Companies like FitBit, Misfit, Jawbone are some brands known for their fitness trackers. However, options are not limited in this category. There are affordable options as well from companies such as Xiaomi, Intex, Swipe and Micromax YU. Fitness trackers can be a very thoughtful gift this Father's Day.


Who wouldn't like to stay entertained? With regular cable and dish options, televisions are mostly on a loop with same TV shows or repeated movies. Add more spice to your dad's entertainment life with Chromecast dongles, which will connect a normal HDTV to internet to stream YouTube and cast content from smartphone wirelessly.

Power bank

For the dads who are always on the run and have no time to charge their phones, a powerbank can actually save the day to make that important call home or a text to client. Power banks come in different sizes and capacities. Xiaomi, OnePlus, Sony, Ambrane and many other companies offer a wide range of power banks for as low as Rs. 599 and upwards.

Virtual reality headset

Let them experience the world of virtual reality and see how the technology has grown over the years. You can easily find affordable VR headsets, which let you insert a smartphone to work as a display, online from Amazon India for as low as Rs. 200. But if you are looking at better quality VR headset, it may cost you around Rs. 1,000.

Recliner sofa/chairs

Nothing adds up to good comfort while watching TV or reading morning newspaper while sipping tea. Recliner sofas are extremely comfortable and can certainly make your dad happy. They will come in great use on a daily basis and you can never go wrong with this gift choice.

Recliners are usually priced higher than the regular sofas, mainly because of their mechanical functions. Urban Ladder has a variety of recliner sofa sets and single chairs starting from Rs. 12,999. If your dad is a fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S TV series, Tribbiani Recliner can be a well-thought gift, which costs Rs. 16,999.

No matter what gift you purchase for your dad, make sure you add a personal touch to make it special. It could be in the form of a hand-written letter showing how much love him or a gesture to compliment his support through your ups and downs.