Fast and Furious 7
A still from 'Fast & Furious 7'.

"Fast & Furious 8" will hit not theatres before 2017, but it's already brewing strong with a lot of plot speculations and cast rumours. The latest buzz suggests that Fast 8 will be packed with some new leading ladies including Eva Mendes, Ruby Rose and Helen Mirren.

The latest gossip suggests that Eva Mendes, Ruby Rose and Helen Mirren are all rumoured to join the cast in the upcoming sequel. While it's more like Eva's comeback, who will reprise her role from the second instalment, Rose and Mirren will have brand new parts scripted for them.

Eva's comeback has been rumoured for several months, but now it looks like it's almost confirmed, reported Classicalite. Mendes will reprise her role as Monica Fuentes, an undercover customs agent, who was also Brian O'Connor's love interest in "2 Fast 2 Furious" in 2003.

While Mendes is expected to be on Dom's side, Dame Helen Mirren is suspected to team up with Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) to create problems for Dom and Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson).

The rumours of Mirren joining the cast went wild after the actress expressed her desire to be part of the film in an interview with Seth Meyers, earlier this year. Well, it looks like Shaw is finally getting some help breaking out of jail in "Fast & Furious 8".

Meanwhile, "Orange Is The New Black" actress Ruby Rose has confirmed that she is in talks with the makers of the action film, reported Inquisitr. The 21-year-old also revealed that she had auditioned for "Fast & Furious 7", but was turned down.

"My last audition before Orange was for "Fast & Furious 7", but they didn't want me because one of the main guys said I looked like Justin Bieber!" Rose said.

But now, rumour has it that the makers want Ruby on board to play a character that will be related to Agent Luke Hobbs' character.

Though Vin Diesel dished out details about the location and many leading cast members confirmed their return in this most-anticipated instalment in the Fast & Furious franchise, fans continue to be information-hungry regarding Universal's "Fast & Furious 8".

"Fast & Furious 8" will hit theatres in 14 April 2017.