Ludacris (Creative Commans/ Glenn Francis)Creative Commans/ Glenn Francis

Amidst "Fast & Furious 7" production, Ludacris, who plays the role of Tej Parker in the film, sat with Ellen DeGeneras to speak about the film and how the cast is coping with Paul Walker's absence.

"It's very difficult, we're all still healing from it and there is a void when we go on set," the rapper said in his interview with DeGeneras. 

Walker played Brian O'Connor in "Fast & Furious" franchise. Before meeting with a tragic fate on Nov. 30, the actor had already shot the major portions of the film. Ludacris further confirmed in his interview that Walker's brothers; Cody and Caleb would be stepping in the late actor's shoes.

"It's scary how much they look like him and sound like him but it's a good thing," Ludacris said in regards to Cody and Caleb's eerie resemblance to the late actor. 

Moreover, Cody and Caleb will be doing a voice over so that it can be merged with Walker's voice in the film.

Post the interview; Cody expressed his gratitude to Ludacris for his "shout out " to them.

"Ludacris, I love you man! Thank you for the shout out on the Ellen DeGeneres Show today. It's been such an overwhelming experience for Caleb and I and everyone involved in the film has been so incredible. Thank you so much for the love shown to Reach Out Worldwide Paul is lookin down and smilin," Cody wrote on his Facebook account.

Meanwhile, Michelle Rodriguez who has a meaty role in "Fast & Furious 7" made her first appearance at Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center on May 12, since announcing about her bisexuality to the world.

Rodriguez said during her appearance that she is not affected by other people's opinion.

"It's cool man, I mean whatever," she told Gay Star News. "I'm not big on people's opinions, you know?" Unless it's somebody I really respect, I don't care what people out there have to say," she continued.

"Fast & Furious 7" is slated to release on April 9, 2015.