Esha Datta
Esha DattaPR Handout

Esha Datta is a fashion designer from Delhi and she has a penchant for detailing. Considering how competitive the fashion industry is, the journey was not easy for Esha. But her knowledge of fashion and creative skills helped her to be on the top today.

As a fashion designer, Esha makes sure to give her best to every client and understand their taste very well and give it a twist with her own creativity and designs. She does an amazing job in providing her customers a wonderful blend of traditional and modern sensibilities in bridal couture and fabrics.

She aims at making her clothes and work reach to many by making affordable Indian designer ensembles. She embarked upon the journey from being a woman to becoming an Entrepreneur.

Esha's dedication, passion, knowledge and creativity helped her to to grow every day. There have been challenges but she never gave up and worked harder and better to improve and reach perfection in her work. Looking at her work today, we can see the glow of her soul on her face