Shyam Tyagi
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Finding a passion is easy, pursuing it with all you have got, not so much. Especially when it is fashion you are in love with, a rather unconventional choice that not many give everything else up for. Shyam Tyagi, a fashion enthusiast, has however dared to do what not many do and go after his dreams full time.

Shyam Tyagi is a fashion blogger and a popular social media influencer. His journey as a fashion blogger started as a part time act three years ago, when he handled it along with his IT job. It might have been a part time thing then, but it still took a lot of work. Shyam says, "I never did mind it. In fact, it made me realize that one day I could do this full time." And a couple of years later, that is what he did - quit his daily job and took up fashion blogging, a job without off days even on weekends.

He has a few men's styling and grooming workshops to his credit. His big fan base loves his regular guidance and tips that he shares with them. Shyam's blog, The Style Mirror is quite popular among youngsters from all over the country who turn to it for the latest fashion updates, and styling and grooming tips.