Amade Lakshminarayana, a farmer in Karnataka's Shimoga, was made to walk 15 km to repay an outstanding amount to the Canara Bank branch in another town. The farmer walked all the way to the bank only to repay a loan of Rs 3.46, he was rushed immediately.

This has sparked criticism on part of the bank for not showing any consideration for the farmer. The Areca farm owner had to walk all the way from his home in Baruve village, without transport. He was not told the amount beforehand. 

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Labourers remove dried grass from a rice field on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, India, August 30, 2016. Picture taken August 30, 2016 (representational image).Reuters file

 Unnecessary, inconsiderate: Netizens lash out at bank

During a pandemic and the uncertain climate, sensitivity and consideration are expected from authorities and financial institutions towards the plight and the needs of the time. However, in an inhuman turn of events, a Canara Bank branch in Karnataka put a farmer through much distress by asking him to show up at the branch to pay off a loan.

The farmer lives in the deep forests of the Western Ghats and had to arrive at Nittur where the bank was located when no bus services were running.

The bank had called Lakshminaryana asking him to rush to the branch to pay his outstanding dues. Worried, the Areca farmer had made the journey on foot. Upon arriving at the bank he was shocked to find out he was called all the way to pay dues amounting to Rs 3.46 only.

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The report highlighted that 11,379 farmer's committed suicide in India in 2016.Credit: Reuters

The farmer told News18 he had previously taken an agricultural loan of Rs 35,000 of which  Rs 32,000 was waived by the government, and he had paid the outstanding Rs 3,000 months ago. 

Local bank branch manager L Pingva told the media that for his loan to be renewed, the farmer had to pay the outstanding amount and they needed his signature as well. The news, however, has gone viral and many have criticised the bank, saying that it was unnecessary and inconsiderate to call him all the way for the paltry amount.