Farida Jalal, Shah Rukh Khan
Farida Jalal, Shah Rukh KhanInstagram

It was a visual treat to watch the legendary Farida Jalal back on our screens with Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Heeramandi. Farida made an impressive comeback and won love from all quarters. Farida, who gave many hit films with Shah Rukh Khan and Salman has said that she has lost touch with the superstars and doesn't even have their numbers.

Farida revealed that long back she had Shah Rukh Khan's number, who when came to know that the actress was undergoing a shoulder surgery, had called her to talk about it. "No, I am not in touch. How do I get to him, tell me? (even) Salman, how do I get to them? You know, they have changed their mobiles or whatever," she said in an interview. She said that now when she tries to call on that number no one picks up.

Farida's grievances

Farida added that now she has to go through somebody to speak to SRK and that person doesn't let her connect to King Khan. "But now, when I try calling him on that number, because I loved his success, his films, I want to tell him, 'Bachcha, very good, I am very happy for you,' but there is nobody on that line. If his secretary is not kind to you then what do you do?" she told India Today.

Farida on losing touch

"I have to go through somebody as I don't have his number. So, Shah Rukh should think about this. When people want to talk to you, what do they do? People like me. Salman also, I used to have his number we used to talk to each other so often, now he must have changed his number, what do I do?" she further asked.

Farida also said that there was a time when Yash Chopra, Karan Johar would urge her to do their films but lost touch once their work was done.