If you are a fan of crime shows, you can't have missed the FX series "Fargo." When the series ended its first season, it won critical acclaim, a large fan base and an eager troop of Hollywood celebs who wanted to act in season 2.

This October, the crime show returns with season 2, and if anything can be discerned from the promo, it is that the number of crime stories in the plot has doubled this season.

Executive producer Noah Hawley said that season 2 of "Fargo" is influenced by a post-Vietnam War, post-Watergate America. The plot focuses on everyday American lives under former president Ronald Reagan's rule. The story will take place in the backdrop of fading family-owned businesses and the rise of corporate America.

Two characters who symbolise this new, star spangled American dream is Peggy Blumquist (Kristen Dunst) and her husband Ed (Jesse Plemons). In the trailer for season 2, Peggy says that she and her husband are saving up to open their own butcher shop. In another scene, Peggy sits in the car while Ed shovels mud in the middle of the night. Peggy's face is tense and scared.

According to Hawley, Peggy and Ed will get caught in the midst of two crime syndicates. One is the Kansas City Mafia and the other is the Gerhardt family -- both groups are equally violent and that poses as an existential threat to Peggy and Ed.

"We're setting up this dynamic where there are a lot of bad people sort of on a collision course and the idea is, who will emerge?" reported Huffington Post.

The official synopsis of season 2 hints at a young police officer Lou Solverson (Patrick Wilson) and Sheriff Hank Larsson's (Ted Danson) investigation into a case which involves a big crime syndicate, a local gang, and beautician Peggy Blumquist and her husband. Much of the action will take place in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Fargo and Luverne, Minessota.

"Fargo" season 2 premieres on Monday, 12 October on FX.

You can watch the trailer here: