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The good news for "Fargo" fans is that the show could be renewed for season 2, as per the reports.

"Formal pick-up is imminent," TV Line said in its reports about the show's renewal. "Fargo" season 1 opened to impressive critical reviews and also received Critics' Choice Television Awards, including the best miniseries award for its remarkable story line. Fans are quite hopeful that with such strong commendation, the show would definitely come up with fresh season.

It was also being understood that "Fargo" season 2 would have fresh cast but it is speculated that Molly could come back to the show.

"I just don't know," Allison Tolman who plays Molly told the Website about season 2 of the show. "There's discussion of there being a second season and it being a brand-new cast, [but] I'm just not sure."

"If it turns out we have seen the last of her detective, "saying goodbye to that" will be hard. "Being my first experience making a television show, it was really special. I was very well taken care of. I loved the people that I worked with. It was really a blessing," she added. 

However, contrary to the reports of Molly's comeback, show creator Noah Hawley suggested in his recent interview that a fresh and crisp cast would be coming to "Fargo" season 2. He also ruled out the possibility of Molly or Gus returning.

"It would be disingenuous, I think, to do the continuing adventures of.... It would stop feeling like real life. And also, I think that what Marge saw in the movie and what Molly saw here, it's a lot to take in and it will certainly stay with her for the rest of her life. But it you keep piling that stuff on, then whatever innocence or small town decency that she has is going to start to evolve into what is now all too common haunted demon hunter law man," he told Entertainment Weekly.

"That's basically our heroes now - they've got to be as bad as the villains they're chasing, and this a different kind of show," he added.

Furthermore, Hawley is quite proud of being able to make a show like "Fargo". 

"Making Fargo for FX has been the highlight of my career. A writer can search his or her whole career for a network partner who truly understands and encourages their vision. For me, the search is over. When John Landgraf announced 'At FX, we'd rather make something great for somebody, than something good for everybody,' I knew I'd found a home," The Hollywood Reporter quoted him.