A new Far Cry game was always on the cards. It's just that one did not know when the first signs of its arrival would surface. But now, insofar as anything solid on the subject is concerned, it seems that a new Far Cry game to be called 'Far Cry Primal' is almost here.

It's been a year since Far Cry 4 was released by Ubisoft. A Far Cry game is ever-thrilling, in terms of the open-world adventure it offers fans and the endless hours of game-play that's involved. And, just when we were wondering when a new Far Cry game would emerge, it seems like Ubisoft is ready to unveil it.

Ubisoft recently held a Livestream as a teaser for the game. Sure, there wasn't much content up on offer, but it did offer a steady shot of what appeared to be a cave wall with paintings of a hunter wielding a bow and a torch. Apart from that, the stream's title "Ubisoft Announcement" didn't offer many clues.

There was a teaser phrase attached to the video – "Survival is timeless"!

While there was no official confirmation that the announcement was indeed tied to the Far Cry franchise, the popular opinion on social media on the subject was that a new Far Cry game was nigh.

More updates on the new game are expected to emerge later this week. Watch this space for more information.

Stay tuned!

[Source: GameRant]