Far Cry 4
Far Cry 4 was released on 18 November, 2014.far-cry.ubi.com

Ubisoft is clearly gearing up for its next adventure with Far Cry 5 after taking players through the tyrannical Himalayan kingdom of Kyrat in Far Cry 4. The company has sent out a questionnaire to Far Cry 4 players asking them to choose from a list of 11 possible location settings for their next Far Cry game.

The options in the poll includes real-life locations like Alaska and Peru, and it also has some historical settings like the 1960s Vietnam War and Spaghetti Western America of the nineteenth century. It has a sci-fi setup too and asks players if they want settings with zombie outbreak, post-apocalyptic world or the settings from the Jurassic Park, Eurogamer reported.

Below is the full list of 11 locations for Far Cry 5:

  • A Far Cry game in remote Alaska about surviving extreme wilderness
  • A Far Cry game in a futuristic, sci-fi setting on another planet
  • A Far Cry game set in the Vietnam war during the 1960s
  • A Far Cry game set in the cocaine trafficking jungles of Peru
  • A Far Cry game where you can fight against or join vampires
  • A Far Cry game in the Spaghetti Western style set in the 19th century Americas
  • A Far Cry game that is set during a zombie outbreak
  • Blood Dragon 2: A sequel to Blood Dragon
  • A Far Cry game set in a Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic world
  • A Far Cry game in the present day on a Jurassic Park style island of dinosaurs
  • A Far Cry game based on the world of Shangri-La from Far Cry 4

This survey suggests that Far Cry 5 is going to be among their annual releases. The company also has a history of asking players on the features they want to see in Far Cry and other game series, notably Assassin's Creed series.

Far Cry 4 Digital Copies Unplayable on Xbox One due to DRM

Xbox One owners have complained that they have been unable to play Far Cry 4's digital version due to issues with the DRM management, Gamepur reports quoting Reddit forum members.

Far Cry 4 has been reportedly removed from the Xbox Store for some and for others its unplayable.

It is not playable for anyone even if they are offline or online. One owner shared an error message saying, "Do You Own This Game or App."

Ubisoft has said that it was aware of the issue and is actively investigating it.