As far as open-world titles are concerned, Ubisoft's Far Cry series has etched out a name for itself amongst the likes of Grand Theft Autos and The Witchers. Each of the Far Cry games offer a different setting, taking the action from the desolate locations of Africa to a make-believe re-creation of Nepal.

However, with the last Far Cry now collecting dust, fans are looking forward to the next instalment in the series that will have a new story to tell, new locations to explore, and hopefully, new vehicles.

That being said, we don't know what the next Far Cry (supposedly, Far Cry 5) will hold for us. But, going by the previous games in the series, we are sure Ubisoft will put in quite the shift into the project to bring it on par with the popularity of all other Far Cry instalments of the past.

As of now, we have no idea what the next Far Cry will bring, although the possibilities remain endless. But, we aren't expecting the game anytime soon. And before Ubisoft makes any kind of official announcement for the game, here's a look at the features and improvements we are expecting in the new game.

Far Cry 5 -- Expected Improvements and Features

Responsive Weather Patterns

If there's one feature we want in the next Far Cry, it has to be a more responsive weather system. By responsive weather system, we mean changes to the overall gameplay and experience that will happen with random changes to the weather. For instance, if the wind is strong, the player could run the risk of having his or her vehicles toppled over or if there's torrential rainfall, the open world is at a risk of a flash flood. Changes like these surely could bring a new dimension to the overall Far Cry experience.

More New Vehicles

Talking about your vehicles getting toppled by strong wind current, it's almost imperative that hardcore fans of the series will look for more new vehicles in the next game. In the series' defence, Far Cry 4 introduced elephants that you could ride and create mayhem in the enemy base. Now, for a change, let's see some airborne vehicles. Maybe a helicopter?.

Biggest Open World to Date

This one's a no brainer. With each Far Cry game, we see a vast open world to explore and it seems the size of these open worlds keeps increasing with each game. For instance, Far Cry 4 offered a larger landscape to master as compared to Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 3, and for Far Cry 5, expect Ubisoft to deliver the biggest-ever open world the Far Cry series has seen to date.

Newer Weapons and Weapon Types

While each of the Far Cry games have always offered a healthy rate of weapon types to the players, there are still some recurring complaints about how there are not many weapons to choose from in a Far Cry game. Although that isn't entirely true, but just for the sake of it, we hope Ubisoft to keep a lookout for more new types of weapons that can be added for the upcoming game. How about a Desert Eagle? Not too shabby, we think.

More Dedicated Crafting System

A more dedicated crafting system shouldn't actually be in our wishlist since this one should come naturally to Ubisoft, provided they look around and make note of the kind of enhanced crafting systems most of the games in the industry offer. For Far Cry 5, we are expecting a more comprehensive crafting mechanic that will allow us to tinker with our weapons extensively.

Stay tuned for more updates!