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If you are addicted to the recently released Far Cry 4, buckle up. There are more new guides and tips that have been revealed to help you reach your objectives in the game in the simplest way possible. The new guide also includes steps to add money to your Karma meter and XP, apart from access to the elusive Weapon 1911.

The steps needed to followed in order to add money to your Karma meter and XP seem like the simplest among all other tips and tricks that have been released for the game till date. Following the steps mentioned below should help you stay alive longer in the game, while filling up your XP meter accordingly.

Here are the steps to add money to your Karma meter and XP:

  • Step 1: You will find a Clouded Leopard sign on the map, southwest from the Kyra tea Factory. Players will need a Recurve Bow before getting there. To get the Recurve Bow, you can hunt using any bow, and players will obtain twofold peels for each slaughter.
  • Step 2: You can utilize the technique to acquire enough dollars and then upgrade to the Recurve Bow. Just ascend to the massif and toss the lure.
  • Step 3: Next, discharge the arrow on the Clouded Leopard's head. If you are to go over this technique many number of times, you must keep in stock more lures. Lures can be found by collecting the peels down the massif.
  • Step 4: Every Clouded Leopard peels cost ₹16,000. Upgrade the lure bag to quicken process. Following this, in the least time possible, players could be able to gain a massive 500,000 rupees. This technique is also functional at any hunter site to swiftly boost Karma counter.
  • Step 5: When crossing the Shanath Training Ground, you will come across the heavy-armoured enemy guarding the channel. Kill the armed enemy using a C4 and you will acquire 240 XP. Keep moving from there and kill two tigers underneath and acquire their peels as fast as possible. The peels can be sold for ₹7,000  each.
  • Step 6: Now, pause the game, save it and deliberately kill yourself. Doing so respawns the player 320 meters away from the base with the XP gained from the tiger peels.
  • Step 7: Go over the technique again until you have acquired the heavy takedown ability. This ability will face the player off against a heavy enemy, and by killing that enemy, players will gain 400 XP per slaughter. The method can be repeated as many times as possible.

How to get Weapon 1911 in Far Cry 4:

  • Step 1: When the player begins in the main story, it will bring them to different bases as the game progresses. Make sure to have a full control of the first base as quickly as possible.
  • Step 2: Now move to the base after the cut scene by tossing knives at the entrance and gripping the elephant. When departing from there, proceed to the right exit of the base and look for the vehicle. This vehicle will carry players to different bell towers and gain benefits easily.
  • Note: Freeing 15 bell towers will get you 700 Nitro, while MP5 and Buzzsaw can be obtained by freeing bell towers12 and 17, respectively. Aside that, you can obtain all the arms by displaying the console window by clicking the tilde (~) symbol and input code: god_mode_count=1.

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How to stay alive longer in Far Cry 4

  • Step 1: On the game map, find the Clouded Leopard Marker, located southwest to the Kyra Tea Factory. Head over to the marker at the start of the game, and you can hunt using your bow, if you already have one. Once you get enough money, you can upgrade to the Recurve Bow.
  • Step 2: Repeatedly throw the bait to attract the leopard and when it's around, shoot it in the head to kill it. Note that the game allows you to repeat the process until your bait runs out. You can then collect the skins and use the leopard meat for more bait.
  • Step 3: You should get a bigger loot bag as you will need to kill a lot of animals in the game and collect their skins. Do this to avoid having to throw away any extra skins. Get a bow to get the skins. With this, you can earn double the amount of skins with each kill that you make.
  • Step 4: Make use of the Microlight Chopper in the game as it is an easy way to unlock radio towers. You can also convert plants into drugs and use them to boost your physical abilities such as speed to survive the game longer.

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