Far Cry 4
Far Cry 4 will be released on 18 November, 2014.blog.ubi.com

Far Cry 4 marks the continuation of Ubisoft taking players into strange and fictitious world. But the studio's Far Cry series is known for its open world setup with an interesting narrative, gameplay and exotic locations.

Far Cry 4 will not be anything like its predecessors and the game will be set in a fictional world of Kryat, a tyrannical kingdom in Himalaya. It will also be introducing new set of characters and features.

Below are some of the new features in Far Cry 4:

1. Playable with friends who don't have the copy - Far Cry 4 will be open to friends of players even if they do not have a copy of the game. Players have only to drop an invite for them to join in.

2. Map Size - According to Game Informer, the total map size of Far Cry 4 will be equal to Rock Island in Far Cry 3. Though this might only be a rough estimate.

3. Co-operative gameplay - Players will seamlessly be able to play with their friends.

4. Himalayas - The setting of the game is the Himalayas so players can expect a lot of hills. The roads are narrow and rickety roads similar to the real ones in the Himalayan countries. Also, on certain mountain peaks players might need oxygen masks and they will be hard to get.

5. Best Villian? - The poster and videos showcasing the pink suited villain has suggested that Ubisoft has taken great pain in getting the villain, Pagan Min, a true successor to Vaas with all the madness and gore that his predecessor was known for. Pagan Min considers himself has the saviour of the Kyrat state.

6. New Protagonist - The game introduces a new protagonist named Ajay Ghale, a Nepali, who returns to complete a promise he made to his mom.

7. Weapons - Far Cry 4 has in store some new weapons of different variety - both in range and firepower. There will be silent crossbows, sniper rifles and C4s. Apart from these, Players will also be getting knives and melee weapons.

8. Release Date - The game will be releasing on 18 November 2014.

Platforms - The game will be rolling out for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms.

9. Gliders - The game allows players to use gliders that will allow them to go from one place in the map to another.

10. Wingsuit - Far Cry 4 will also be featuring a wingsuit that will enable players to randomly jump off a cliff and not be hurt while allowing themselves to cruise through the place.

11. Grappling Hook - The game will have a grappling hook that will allow players to climb the Himalaya.

12. Multipurpose Elephants - Players will be getting elephants in the game that can be used for different purposes from riding to being suicide bombers.

13. Might be connected to Far Cry 3 - Since Hurk with his signature harpoon gun 'The Impaler' will be available as a pre-order bonus. So there might be some sort of a side mission that might lead players to Far Cry 3.

In other news, it has been confirmed that participants at the upcoming gaming event, Gamescom 2014 will be able to play the game. Gamescom starts from 13-17 August.

(Source: WhatCulture)