'Fantastic Four' trailer released
'Fantastic Four' trailer releasedFacebook/ 'Fantastic Four'

After trailers of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", "Ant Man", and "Batman vs Superman" were released, the trailer for widely-anticipated "Fantastic Four" has been unveiled too.

The trailer suggests a more dark and serious version of the Marvel's original and longest-running superhero team as compared to the "Fantastic Four" movie of 2005 and its sequel "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer". However, the movie will be released on 7 August and be balanced with lighter moments between characters.

Main Cast List:

Mister Fantastic/Reed Richards (Miles Teller)

The rapidly rising star of "Whiplash" will be seen taking over the role of the brilliant and kind-hearted scientist, Reed Richards. The founding member of the "Fantastic Four", Richards, when hit by cosmic radiation, develops the ability to stretch and turn his body to any shape he desires.

Invisible Woman/Susan Storm (Kate Mara)

Mara, who gained popularity as Zoe Barnes in popular TV series "House of Cards", will play the role of Susan Storm. The smart and dignified scientist got the ability to render herself invisible to others, following the cosmic radiation.

Human Torch/ Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan)

The smart, hilarious and charismatic Johnny Storm, once immortalised by Chris Evans - who is now "Captain America" in another movie franchise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe - will be played by Micjael B Jordan. He is the brother of Susan and is capable of engulfing his entire body with flames, absorb fire into his own body, control nearby fire according to his will and of course, fly.

The Thing/ Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell)

Ben is one member of the "Fantsatic Four" that was handed out the tougher end of the deal when the cosmic ray hit. The tough kid, who has the qualities of strength and warmth, makes lemonades out of being a rock-man. 

Dr Doom/ Victor Domashev (Toby Kebbell)

The central super-villain of "Fantastic Four", Dr Doom is a genius inventor and sorcerer. According to his comic book history, Dr Doom was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in a way that he was representative of death. With the hood and mask, the humanity of the character was removed.

Dr Doom's origin was born to a doctor and a woman that dabbled in the dark arts in a small European country. Although she died, her talents in mysticism were passed on to her son.

Regarding the Doom of the upcoming movie, fans some derious issues. Some like michaelforthriller believes he looked better in the 2005 version. Stiffy Pigsmell agrees: "why is it so hard to get some of the best supervillains correctly on screen? people love them the way they are but insist on making small changes to the character (sometimes big changes) im not saying, dont have creativity in your films but why change what makes these characters great? you may as well make a diferent movie. DR. DOOM is my personal favourite villain and i dont think we'll ever see a good Doom at this rate".

While comic book fans aren't too happy with the casting of young members for "Fantastic Four", Hollywood movie-buffs are pleased with Miles Teller and Kate Mara's casting.

"I hope it flops for 2 reasons ..a black human torch ? A 16 years old reed richard ? A billy eliot as the thing ? Really ? I dont care how ultimate they are they r not the real original ff we all grew up with , second I want it to flop just to revert to marvel like this we can finally see the real ff on screen plus a cross over with the res of the mcu ..so BOYCOTT ppl !" commented Samy Fortas. 

Meanwhile, Juan "Too Many" Carlos wrote, "I've never been a FF4 guy but this version looks better than the last." to which Devin Williams and RhythmicBliss agreed. They commented, "Waaaaay better" and "I feel ya..looks good though, all serious" respectively. 

Watch out for new updates on "Fantastic Four" on our website, until the movie is released on 7 August.